¿Qué nos queda? Crisis.
Mejor marchar en soledad. Crisis.
Porque... ¿quién lo ha provocado? Crisis.
Yo no, ni tú, pero a los dos nos afecta. Crisis.
Sabiéndolo, han seguido. Crisis.
Y después nos la endosan. Crisis.
Y... ¿qué la provoca? Crisis.
La irresponsabilidad y el afán de poder. Crisis.
Además me piden paciencia e incluso ayuda. Crisis.

Y entonces yo salgo de toda esta vorágine en la que me han metido y tengo tres pensamientos:

1. " ¡Pero si yo siempre estoy en crisis!".
2. "¿Por qué no se puede poner esta palabra en singular? Crisi. El mundo está en crisi, y yo en crisis".
3. "Les van a dar viento. Si ellos no se preocupan por todas mis crisis, yo no lo voy a hacer por su crisi".

Cristina Samitier

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  1. I was at my cousins the other day taking on a game of ¨risk¨, for those of you not familiar with this kind of games, you get your little armies and a card with a mission, but pretty much the idea is to invade and exterminate your opponents; as I was rolling my dices, and having plenty of fun killing the little blue armies that belonged to my cousin, I wondered how easy it looked there and then to move my figures through Middle East into Afghanistan, or from East Africa into Congo, i was having fun and the casualties were faceless and bloodless, I was doing no harm, I had a mission, it was all a game, but are our world leaders playing a very sinister game of risk? have they forgot and detach themselves from the very real, very blood full faces of people dying on the ground? We must stand against this acts of barbaric violence, our voices need to be heard, weather the media broadcasts it or not, THIS BLOOD BATH MUST BE STOPPED, we are not little figurines on a game board!